SME's Industrial Network Project

Turkey has an important experience in building and operating the Organized Industrial Areas. This experience generates high demand from neighbor countries. On the subject of establishment of industrial areas abroad we, Ostim, are called as the most appropriate group in the country. Some issues differentiating us from other organizations;

  • We, Ostim, have an experience in designing, building and operating the industrial areas of about forty five years.
  • Ostim is an industrial zone mainly for micro and small enterprises, beyond the industrial area it is the "Regional Development Model". Such human-driven model, due to this feature takes attention of the neighbor countries, because countries around Turkey are week in the issues of industrialization.
  • Ostim is support to the entire region providing organization, by providing informational, organizational and financial support to the member companies, OSTIM always tries to gather these companies to work over project based cooperations, provide more support to its partners. There is no any other organization in the industrial areas of Turkey having the similar mission of our company.

Establishment of industrial area is large and difficult project lasting for many years. Even, if the results are not reached in a short period, we are planning to continue our works on establishment of similar to OSTIM industrial areas abroad. As a result of early negotiations in 2010, the number of projects reached 10, goodwill agreements were signed (Kazakhstan, Georgia - Acarya, Kosovo, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq - Nasiriya, Iraq - Kirkuk). Substantial development of these projects was recorded in four countries, summary information is given below.

  • Cairo Industrial Zone
  • Nasiriya Ostim Industrial Area
  • Chimkent Industrial Area, Kazakhstan
  • Batum Industrial Area