Rail Systems

One of our Company missions is the nativization of products having strategic importance to our country and imported goods. In the framework of this aim spare parts for rail vehicles were supplied since foundation of our Company. Some examples of previous works related to the rail systems are given below:

-         Manufacture of Bogie bodies,
-         Electromechanical systems installation,
-         The air piston simulations,
-         Metro Stations mechanical engineering contracting works,
-         Manufacture of various spare parts and consumables,
In this scope R&D, P&D activities were carried out and products were commercialized. Taking into consideration issues such as dynamism and high potential in sectors relevant to rail systems, necessity of system integration we intend to continue the improvement of our activities in this sector. In the context of our Company’s mission we will continue to guide its power to native and foreign markets by bringing together Ostim’s manufacturing, engineering, design power and improving it in efficient, added value and highly competitive fields.