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CG Holdings Company’s Representatives Visit

Ostim Investment and Business Inc. continues negotiations for the new projects. Technical delegation together with our company carried out studies on concrete projects between the dates 23-28 September 2013. Preliminary studies for the implementation of European based company’s projects in Iraq, by our Company is progressing successfully.

In order to examine the technical details of the projects, the representatives of CG Holdings Mr. Amin and Mr. Szanati has visited Turkey. Together with our company’s project representatives Mr. Tunç Baskın and Ms. Rasa Büyükbay carried out one week study on these projects.

Mr. Szanati and Mr. Amin with our company’s personnel have visited the President of the Board of Directors - Mr. Orhan Aydın. Company representatives that will take part in the project gave some information concerning the process of the project to the President.

Company representatives during their stay in Turkey, have visited some of the facilities in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone and before returning back noted that meeting was productive in terms of cooperation for the new projects.