General Information About The Company

In order to establish Ostim Industrial Area, Ostim Cooperative was founded in 1967.  Ostim Cooperative completed investments in infrastructure and superstructure of Ostim Industrial Area, 2000 members not only became the real estate owners, but also engaged in trade and investment activities. Using the assets remaining after the distribution of member’s real estate, Ostim Investment & Business Inc. has been established. 2000 partnered, Company's shares are subject to CMB, begun to be traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange and Free Trading Platform in May 2012.

Ostim Investment & Business Inc., managing the shops and business centers transferred by Ostim Cooperative as well as many business centers, manufacturing thesis, housing and infrastructure projects has been implemented by a professional construction team on the lands owned by the Company.

Ostim Investment & Business Inc. has realized many projects with the aim to improve competitive power of Ostim Organized Industrial Area. Power Plant in order to meet the electricity needs of the region, the necessary software and hardware systems for the distribution of electricity, Ostim Technopark, telecommunication investments and export center are some examples of these projects.

Ostim Investment & Business Inc. together with SME’s of Ostim is participating in various projects in Turkey and abroad, with the professional support to the member companies Company always tries to gather these companies to work over project based cooperations. Promotion and marketing activities of products produced in Ostim for domestic and overseas markets are carried out in the Company.

The richness and power of projects of Ostim is reached by combining flexible working and project based approach. The main mission of our Company’s projects is to maintain national production of imported materials in order to set up new turnkey facilities. All these goals are reached by good organizational relations in local and international markets.

Ostim Investment & Business Inc., shares its system integration experience and vision of setting up industrial areas in the neighboring and friendly countries with public and private organizations, by creating cooperation networks with institutions such as universities in these countries.

Our Company has been working intensively in neighbor country Iraq and opened Iraq branch in 2011.