Organization Profile

Ostim Investment & Business Inc. founded in 1998 in Ostim Organized Industrial Area is a company with about 2000 partners operating in accordance with the requirements of Capital Market Board. Shares of our Company began to be traded on Istanbul Stock Exchange, Free Trading Platform since May 2012. Ostim Investment  & Business Inc. shares are traded on Istanbul Stock Exchange, Second National Market since June 2013.

Goal and Principles

Nowadays, when there are no borders anymore and the world becomes smaller, it is inevitable for Small and Middle Sized Companies to keep in step with those changes that occur in the world. It is very important to develop new strategies and solutions to be able to compete all around the world. One of the most important and successful organizations that finds best solutions in Turkey is OSTIM.

OSTIM has become the center of Small and Middle Sized Companies in Turkey. By making research of the progress in modern technology and science it continues activities in investment and marketing.

By providing informational, organizational and financial support to the member companies, OSTIM always tries to gather these companies to work over project based cooperations, provide more support to its partners. With the new ideas and projects of industrialists and businessmen of OSTIM it tries to bring together other businessmen in native country and abroad, to sell the products and services to the domestic and foreign markets, to provide opportunity for development of newest technologies and making them more efficient and cheaper. These are the main goals of the organization.

Organization guides those companies which produce and sell their products within Turkey and abroad however because of the improper management and lack of information and financial resources could not become regional leader. In addition to that it also unites companies that have the quality of creation and ability to design new projects into a powerful group of partners.

From one side cooperation is done among the companies individually, from the other side it cooperates with companies that have common interest areas grouping them into powerful union.

When someone wants to manufacture some parts or product he/she should say "This should be produced in OSTIM...", this is used as a slogan of our organization, and we will do everything to reach this. We always try to be the vanguard of the small giants of OSTIM and do everything for member companies to develop and progress.
OSTIM is planning to become the powerful holding company in Turkey which will provide to its member companies the following things:


  • to develop professional solutions in order to effective use of company wealth
  • to make OSTIM the international manufacturing center
  • to increase the quality of the product, management and advertisement
  • to introduce the products and services of the company on the domestic and the foreign markets
  • to provide with the cheap and unbreakable energy brought from the Power Station
  • to provide fixed long term share vouchers